Crush It on iTunes -- Get More Opportunities


I don't know if you're noticing it like I am, but podcasting seems to be inching its way closer and closer to mainstream media:

  • The Wall Street Journal did a recent feature spread;
  • Success magazine covers it on a more regular basis, and USA Today... Well you get the picture;
  • As if that wasn't cool enough, our own show, ReLaunch was mentioned in our very own Huffington Post as being one of the top five shows to listen to for inspiration;
  • Inc, has one of the top 20 business podcasts of 2015.
Existing podcasters, get ready for more exposure and more opportunities.

Aspiring podcasters, strap yourself in because we are now living in the season of the podcaster. (If you didn't know, the podcast APP is now natively installed into EVERY iPhone that leaves the Apple Store. Think about that for a second. I don't know about you, but my local Apple Store is always packed with an enthusiastic crowd.)

Had we not handled the creation, launch and growth of our show like a champ, we would have missed out on national speaking opportunities, key relationships, and big ticket sales. Not to mention, our audience would have missed out on the knowledge, experience, and wisdom our guests freely share.

You might not know this, but the ReLaunch show is not our first show.

Don't do what I did (the first time around) and ACCIDENTALLY release your podcast, keeping yourself a secret. It will be a painful trying-to-grow-it process and you'll miss out on visibility, reach, and revenue-generating opportunities.

4 ideas that helped us "crush it" on iTunes and Remain Strong:

  1. Set a SPECIFIC blastoff date;
  2. Form a solid LAUNCH TEAM, weeks or months before your launch (we had ours in place 6 wks prior);
  3. REMOVE the guesswork from your team (we wrote EVERYTHING - tweets, suggested posts, etc); and
  4. FOLLOW UP with your team and supporters throughout the launch period.

  • It's not all that hard, as some people may say, to rock your show's launch and hit multiple #1s in the process. But there is an art and science to it.
  • Do yourself a favor and work with the team who has a proven track record of not only getting their own show to #1, but also the shows of multiple clients. Results never lie!

    That was our original goal - To get to #1 on iTunes in our categories because I knew that if we were able to pull that off, it would be a barn-door opener for us.

    While you're here, love to get your thoughts. Are the four ideas I suggested familiar, things you're doing already, old news, or helpful information?

    Have a great day and PODCAST ON!