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CRUSH: Road Trip 2010

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As promised, we've got the latest on the debate heating up over Facebook privacy. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is adding fuel to the fire, asking the FCC to provide privacy guidelines for social networks. Schumer believes "The default policy should be one of privacy, and users should be in control of how they choose to share their information, not the other way around." This "opt-out" to "opt-in" transition sounds smart to us, but check out the Senator's Facebook page to find out what everyone else is saying and to put in your own two cents.

Taking a more active approach, a group in Germany expressed their concern over "privacy invasions" by sabotaging a Google "Street View" car. The Google employee returned to find the tires let down and the camera cables slashed. However, the protestors were kind enough to leave behind the informative note, "Please do not drive away, you have a puncture".

And perhaps these privacy issues are the source of anxiety and worry bringing an influx of users to the site "Blah Therapy". This new website pairs random strangers together as "venters" and "listeners", however, when we tried to unload our feelings the site was down due to an overload of users.

But our epic privacy FAIL comes courtesy of Blippy, a social media site that lets users share with friends what they purchase. Several credit card transactions were visible via a simple Google search, exposing detailed information including amount spent, specific location, and full credit card number. While we hate to say it, we predicted this case of "TMI" from the beginning.

In Twitter news, a new report by Edison Research and Arbitron reveals that while the awareness of Twitter among Americans has increased from 5% to 87% in the past two years, the population is still struggling to find a reason to use it as only 7% of Americans are active users.

However, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has now joined the 140-character brigade in hopes of spreading Bolvarian Revolution. And if Chavez, who had recently declared Twitter "a tool for terror", can be converted to the dark side, maybe Twitter still has a chance.

In an attempt to aggregate all the "Like's" around the world, Facebook has created the new website The site operates as a directory of "likes", showing what your friends and the rest of the world have deemed most important from popular web sites, such as YouTube, New York Times and Pandora.

And that brings us to our CRUSH OF THE WEEK - we are taking on the serious epidemic sweeping the globe, "Internet Valleygirlification". With Facebook only allowing a "like option" our freedom of expression is confined into a simplistic, 4-letter, click of affirmation. So that's why we are hitting the pavement for the CRUSH Road Trip 2010. Don't worry, we will find out what American's really have to say and of course share all the juicy with you.

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