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When It Comes To Halloween Dog Costumes, This Dachshund Is The Ruffian We Need

In an era where Halloween costumes for humans seem to emphasize showing some skin, Crusoe the celebrity dachshund has just the antidote we need: fur, and lots of it.

Just in time for Halloween, the enterprising pup -- known for portraying all manner of characters -- is back, featuring in a "best of" video, and supported by a series of Vines in which he shows off his best costumes. From "Sexy Vampire" to "Wile E. Coyote" and everything in between, if there's a look, Crusoe the dachshund can pull it off.

Impressively, reports ABC News, Crusoe's owner, Ryan Beauchesne, makes all of the dog's costumes by hand.

WATCH the "best of" video, above, and some of his Halloween costume Vines, below:

Vampire dog


Wile E. Coyote

Snow hound



Banana delivery service


Dr. Crusoe


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