Cruzin' for a Bruizin' or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Shutdown

Okay. Okay. So (lucky) day thirteen has passed, and we're now up to fourteen days since the United States government shutdown. Thirteen days ago, the Feds stood there, looking out the door and swung around the "OPEN" sign to "CLOSED"! Unreal -- and to think it wasn't long ago when America lost nearly 8 million jobs between 2008-2010, now, more jobs put on hold and some having to work without pay? For reals? Like, what a position to put the prison guards in?! "Go ahead, do your scary job without any pay and hopefully soon, things'll work out." Are you cereal?

The shutdown is affecting so many people -- as we knew it would. Small businesses aren't receiving their money, important bills are left unattended, veterans are getting screwed over (yet again) and so on... the list of shutdown destruction is long and it's just all so nasty! But this, my friends, is why all voting is important -- not just the one for president!

Many moons from now (or at the end of this year, when they have all of those "2013: The Year That Was" TV specials), when we look back on all of this craycray bologna, I feel the spark that set everything off may have been that daffy, Senator (how did that happen?!) Ted Cruz's 21 hour speech. For you see, it wasn't long after that longass absurdity, on September 30/October 1, H.R. Puffinstuff's 368: forbidding anyone, save for the Majority Leader or DAK (designated ass-kisser), from presenting resolutions to the floor for vote, was implemented! Thus, sending the US into its first government shutdown since '95-'96. That's some wicked, sneaky poppycock right there, lovers!

Cruz' 21 hours in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds...

Ted-ly Tea Cruz has managed to convince some folks to defund Obamacare, leading me to wonder who to fear most: Cruz or his supporters?! Both are clearly in worlds of their own; Cruz and his band of pirates, will continue to search for loopholes and ways to stalwart the political machine.

But -- hello?! This Thursday the 17, the debt ceiling needs tending to and while the powers that be tell us "they're optimistic" and sounding like Axl Rose, "we just need a little patience", how can any politician, at this point, be trusted? The wild world of politics these days, is home to many honey badgers. The bad honey badgers. The kind of honey badgers who don't care unless they can somehow gain something. Not the kind of honey badger who defies all odds, and snarls in the face of adversity by not caring, rather, the kind that ruins everything because they don't care!

Like an evil honey badger, to not agree on budget, shutdown government and consistently try to tweak a law already in effect (in a turtle shell: make Obamacare more misogynistic), Cruz and the rest of the...whatever you want to call thems, will stop at nothing to take what they want while ignoring the effects that has on the people.

As an American citizen, it's hard to stand by and watch a government not care. It's cringey to listen to a lot of GOPeeps these days -- set in their dinosaur ways, trying to convey what they think is best for us -- the people.

But now, I think peeps are feeling it. They're starting to camp out at monuments and other institutions shut down by the shutdown. Like good honey badgers. Peeps are finally taking to the streets and not the Tweets; but is it enough? Does our government know how Fed up we are (bad pun intended, sweetie)?! Does anyone really care? In this day in age of technology and personal programming, citizens are selecting what news they want to hear. We're all still binge watching and trying to take our minds off the political nonsense and grind of every day life!

Hopefully, a time will come to pass where we the people, collectively, will revisit the realization that the government is ours. It works for us. And a fire will burn inside of us all, as it did once years ago-prompting us to remind government, who they work me when the riots happen. Until then, because I still miss Walt White so much, I'm now binge watching "Malcolm in the Middle"'s not the same.