'Cry Macho': Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Huge Payday For New Film

Before he gets back to Terminating, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going soft. And he'll be crying all the way to the bank.

Schwarzenegger is set to star in the film "Cry Macho," and will make a pretty penny for his big screen comeback. Deadline's Nikke Finke reports that the movie star turned Governor turned movie star again will play a Kentucky Derby-winning horse breeder who sinks to depression and alcoholism after losing his wife and kids.

A deal is being worked out, Finke reports, that will pay Schwarzenegger $10 million upfront and 25% first dollar gross on the back end. For his first major film since 2003, it's an impressive package.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Schwarzenegger gave more detail about the project.

"He's a little bit over-the-hill. The last two years didn't go so well. But then the owner of the horses gives him a challenge," the former Governor said. "He sends him to Mexico to get his son. The owner's wife cheated him out of a business and took their son, and the owner wants to pay her back, so he sends the trainer to get his kid."

Schwarzenegger is also signing on for a new "Terminator" film; the rights to that movie are in the process of being sold.