The 10 Most Cry-Worthy Moments In 'Parenthood' History

The 10 Most Cry-Worthy Moments In 'Parenthood' History

As we prepare to empty our tear ducts during the "Parenthood" finale on Thursday, the HuffPost newsroom gathered to reflect on the six seasons we've spent with the Bravermans. Here are the 10 times that beautiful family made us cry the hardest. (NOTE: If we were counting all the times it made us cry, this would just be a list of all 103 episodes).

When Amber tells Zeek that she named her son Zeek.
This literally just happened at the end of the penultimate episode of the entire series, but I don't think that means it should be disqualified. I wept. Buckets. And I wasn't even shocked: Amber naming her baby after Grandpa Braverman is something "Parenthood" telegraphed so hard throughout this final season that it may as well have been included in the opening credits. ("May God bless and keep you always, and name babies after Zeek.") It's just, damn, both Mae Whitman and Craig T. Nelson sell the moment so well that it actually felt like I was watching members of my own family. The joy and fear in Zeek's face -- at once so happy to be alive for this moment and so scared of not being around for so many future moments -- was devastating. Amber never looked so happy. I'm going to cut this blurb here because it's making me emotional all over again. Curse you, Jason Katims! -- Christopher Rosen


When Joel and Julia officially adopt Victor.
There are plenty of moments when the entire Braverman clan is together, talking over one another in the dizzying way only they can do, but none so sweet and happy-tear-enducing as when Julia and Joel officially adopt Victor. This storyline had its ups and downs with buckets of sad tears (Julia realizing Zoe is going to keep the baby!) and luckily, happy ones. Like this. From Braverman after Braverman speaking up out of turn, to Joel and Victor's matching ties, you can't help but get the warm and fuzzies. Your eyes fill up and you get that tingly weird feeling in your nose and then boom. Victor calls Julia "mom" and suddenly your cheeks are wet and you're covered in goosebumps, yelling at the TV and whoever is around you that these people are the best. -- Katelyn Mullen


When Max wins class president.
"Parenthood" has always been about mixing the sweet moments with the sad ones, and one of the best happy cries was easily Max winning class president in Season 4. Kristina worked SO HARD to campaign for him, even though he only ran because he wanted vending machine privileges. Holy Bob Dylan cover song, I sobbed with joy when he won -- the realization that he was accepted by his peers briefly flitting across his face (though he only ever admitted to wanting snacks) made my heart burst. That happiness coupled with the way his speech worked to let his classmates know what it means to have autism made that arc overwhelming in the best way ever. -- Lauren Duca


When Amber confronts her father.
Pretty much any time Amber cries could be my contribution to this list, but I'll go with her trip down to see Seth in the Season 5 episode "Jump Ball." After Amber shows up at the bar where Seth works, gets drunk and screams that she's afraid she's exactly like him, he takes her back to his place and tucks her in on the couch. The next morning -- as "Someone to Watch Over Me" LITERALLY plays in the background -- he tells her over pancakes that she could never be like him because she has too much of her mother in her. He's there for her in way he hasn't been in the past, but that is a connection they both understand is limited. Waterworks. -- Lily Karlin


When Jasmine tells Crosby she wants to be with him.
Crosby and Jasmine sent me on a roller coaster of emotions from day one. I rallied for them during good times, I felt all the feels for them during bad times (come ON, it's JUST a dishwasher), but through it all, their love reigned supreme. So when Jasmine finally admitted to herself that she did, in fact, want to make being a family work with Crosby, my heart and tear ducts nearly exploded. Add to that the rain, the kiss, the family group hug, and you've got all the ingredients for a "Parenthood" induced sob-fest. -- Jamie Feldman


When Haddie says goodbye to Kristina and Adam at the airport.
Am I allowed to have two? I need two. With the Haddie airport scene, it's like Jason Katims took all of the bittersweetness every college-bound kid has ever felt and found a way to bottle it. I don't have kids, so I empathize with characters in moments of parental conflict, but none of those moments resonated for me like this one. No matter how exhausted you are by rules and curfews or how many times you've yelled, "None of this will matter when I am in New York!" (okay, that one is just me), there is a deep sadness in leaving your mom and dad behind for the first official time. And the energy between Haddie, Kristina and Adam at the airport was more than enough to make my own experience come rushing back. -- Lauren Duca, again


When Kristina tells her family she has breast cancer.
The emotions are so raw and so realistic. You see an entire family who is changed in an instant and immediately frightened, but you can also feel how much love is surrounding her. It's some of the most terrible news you could hear about a family member, and that moment forces you to imagine receiving that news from your own aunt/sister/mom. Cue. The. Tears. -- Jessica Samakow


When Kristina records the goodbye video for her children, in case she doesn't beat breast cancer.
Season 4 was pretty brutal to watch non-bleary eyed, but the 11th episode was just gut-wrenching. At the time, I was about six months pregnant, so my emotions were already running at a fever pitch. But the moment the viewer sees Kristina setting up a "goodbye" video to her children, you can't help but lose it. Just full-on bawl. How Monica Potter doesn't have an Emmy for this scene alone is mind-boggling. She does such an incredible job showing this amazing woman being so strong for her children while she's obviously terrified. And don't get me even started on when she watches it with Adam when she's in recovery. Holy moly. I was full-on wrecked for at least a day. -- Kate Auletta

[Ed. note: We apologize for any tear stains on this blurb, because just reading it wrecked us all over again.]


When Max gives Kristina money for her campaign.
One of my biggest "Parenthood" crying moments was a little bit unexpected. I cried a lot when Kristina got breast cancer, so when she decided to really seize life and run for mayor in Season 5, I was seriously rooting for her. I loved Heather, I loved Kristina's determination and I loved when she turned down that rich developer's huge donation, even though she didn't have the funds to run. The best part came at the end of the episode, when Max handed Kristina a $20 dollar bill and told her she should still run. Out of nowhere, I burst into tears. Max believed in his mom, just like I did, and it was the best. -- Leigh Weingus


Okay, fine, just really anything with Kristina.
It might be because Monica Potter looks like she's about to cry at any given moment. Or it might be the cards life dealt her (a son with special needs, cancer). Or the hardships she creates herself (running for mayor, building a school). Whatever the reason, when the warmest, most caring and loving member of the Braverman clan enters, I preemptively weep. It'll end up making sense later. -- Liat Kornowski


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