CRYCASH: The Gamer’s Currency

Video games have been popular for decades, and with ever-more advanced consoles and platforms emerging every year, the pressure is on to buy the latest titles, climb leaderboards, and win prizes. Yet despite such frenzy over console, PC, and AR/VR games to date, the reality behind video game monetization and development is far more harrowing. For the last decade, gaming companies have experienced soaring customer acquisition costs as newer high-priority sales channels emerge, with virality being the core price savings engine that allows companies to sell, developers to get a fair wage, and testers to be fairly compensated.

Yet while profit potential is usually distributed evenly within different industries, popularity is not, leading legacy console and game sellers like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft—along with highly viral games like Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Pokemon GO, Minecraft, NBA2K18, and others—to outsell, out-compete, and out-compensate their competitors. There simply has not been any way to monetize gametime , let alone lower user acquisition costs for game developers. Thankfully, CRYCASH is here.

CRYCASH is a blockchain-based, inter-game cryptocurrency which presents a dual solution to the uneven dynamic that exists between gaming platform use and game development. While game developers and the companies they work for sell constantly, there has been no way to allow players to profit directly from their gameplay, leading to uneven profit curves across game types. With its blockchain-based gamer-developer interaction ecosystem, CRYCASH solves both the monetization and development problem for gaming companies. It serves as an inter-game cryptocurrency to increase customer acquisition by incentivizing players to play more frequently, leading both to greater buying and playing activity with consoles across player types.

In-game, CRYCASH serves as a inter-game currency which players can acquire and use for in-game purchases. This serves two purposes. First, it allows game companies to acquire new customers, and incentivizes their longer and more sustained in-game activity by allocating them CRYCASH as a reward. Second, it allows game companies to activate old customers with the promise of this new inter-game currency, generating hype across gamer communities around accumulating CRYCASH to use in-game, with all games.

CRYCASH will release soon. The company has confirmed its integration with Crytek products such as Ryse and Warface Turkey, to start off in Q1 2018. In addition, the Plink app, the first component of the platform’s ecosystem, will launch in Q1 2018; all token sale contributors are already receiving access to alpha test. The app promises to be a kind of combination between Tinder and Discord allowing gamers to find teammates with the help of the network, communicate via text chat and make squad voice calls. In addition, gamers will be able to pick up tasks set by game developers and get rewards in CRC tokens for completing them. Plink will serve as a wallet for CRC; alpha testers alreadyhave the ability to check their balance in-app.

All in all, CRYCASH is shaping up to be the preferred cryptocurrency of the gaming world. And, while during its ICO CRYCASH will be a standalone currency, after the ICO completes it will be exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In contrast, CRC is a utility token that operates as value signifiers in-ecosystem.

The largest use of CRYCASH, its founders told me in a Skype interview, will likely be in E-Sports, where millions of people all over the world compete for top titles in the gaming world. Key game franchises important to CRYCASH’s mainstream success in this light will be the 2K, NFL, and StarCraft/Warcraft series, as well as fighting genre franchises like Super Smash Bros., Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, and others. Once CRYCASH launch for E-Sports occurs, players will be able to create their own tournaments using CRYCASH as the funding currency, transforming the game house-driven team tournament dynamic forever by necessitating crypto-savvy players mine the currency alongside the labors of stalwart gamers to fund their gaming, tournaments, and winnings.

CRYCASH’s Initial Coin Offering is occurring now, and the launch will occur both on CRYTEK, as well as on the Plink app, its first partner, after the end of its live alpha, which is open to all token sale contributors only, and is occurring right now. Independent of the results of the ICO, both CRYTEK and Plink will nonetheless use CRYCASH as their own inter-game currency ecosystem for games developed by the former to drive customer activation socially on the latter social platform. The full-scale launch of the platform will occur by the conclusion of Q1 2018.

Find out more about CRYCASH by visiting their website. It’s an exciting time to be a gamer!

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