Christopher Cantwell Really Hates Being Called The Crying Nazi

"I'm a goddamn human being."

The “crying Nazi” wants the world to know he’s so much more than a Nazi who cries.

“One minute I’m a fucking white supremacist terrorist and the next minute I’m a fucking crybaby?” Christopher Cantwell told the Daily Beast. “I’m a goddamn human being.”

Cantwell was featured in two vastly different videos earlier this month. The first, a Vice documentary about the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, featured a tough-talking Cantwell showing off his weapons, calling the killing of counter-protester Heather Heyer “more than justified” and claiming “more people are going to die.”

The second video, filmed days later, showed Cantwell crying over the idea of being arrested for his role in the violence. He later surrendered to police and spoke to the Daily Beast from jail, where he attempted to explain his weepy video.

“When I come down here for a permitted demonstration, championed by the ACLU, where the police are supposed to be clearing our enemies from our path, and then I find myself involved in a riot facing 20 years in prison, I got emotional, shockingly enough,” he told the website.

Cantwell was charged with two felony counts of illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases, and one felony count of malicious bodily injury by means of any caustic substance or agent or use of any explosive or fire, Richmond NBC station WWBT reported.

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