The Science Behind Crystal Chandeliers Is A Dizzying Artwork In Itself

Sia soundtrack recommended while you watch.

Did you know that crystal, in its unstructured form, resembles a lengthy, scaled serpent made of what appears to be many molten orange jolly ranchers?

In the video above, take a look inside Baccarat's crystal studio, where silica sand, lead and hot ash come together to create some seriously fancy-looking crystal chandeliers.

If you've ever mulled over how the many-limbed crystalline beasts wind up dangling from ritzy banquet halls and hotel lobbies around the world, now is your chance to get educated. If you don't particularly care about the science involved, I'd highly suggest zoning out and watching the ornate lighting mechanisms come into being.

The process behind their creation unfurls like a complex art-meets-science hybrid of the most dazzling degree. And it's all, in typical chandelier fashion, very classy.


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