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Crystal Deth

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Politics got you down? Tired of being shafted by the .1%? Despairing of head-in-the-dark climate change deniers? Suffering from Drumpf anxiety? Regretting your failure to incorporate in Panama ... or Delaware? Do not despair.

Agency. Animals have it, rocks don't. Plants have it. It is the ability of an entity to act in and on its environment. An agent is constrained by but not determined by physical laws. It is a short-form definition of life. Theoretical biologist Stuart Kauffman depicts it as acting on the distinction between "Yuk and Yum."

Radical determinism aside, humans have agency. Reason is presumed to direct and correct our agency, our actions. Changing our political environment takes time, active engagement and lots of people. Changing yourself is easier. You can reduce your sugar consumption immediately and without assistance or permission. Sugar kills.

Misguided science has rendered us fat, sick and, often, dead. Here's The Guardian's short course. Cocaine or sugar? Breast cancer?

Yes, sugar is addictive. So are life and health. You pick.

You are your agent. And your friends'. And your communities'. And your worlds'. Start with yourself. Shun Sugar: Crystal Deth.