This Cheap Viral Tool Actually Removed My Leg Hair

The crystal hair eraser is a reusable gadget that left my sensitive skin incredibly smooth and stubble-free.
This reusable and waterproof tool  buffs away body hair and exfoliates dead skin.
This reusable and waterproof tool buffs away body hair and exfoliates dead skin.

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The number of ways we’ve found to remove body hair has always fascinated me. And as someone who wants to remove their dark, coarse and rapidly growing hair, I tend to try every single one of them.

TikTok led me to try a cheap, reusable device that claims to “erase” body hair, exfoliate skin and prevent ingrown hairs –– all without razor blades or skin irritation. It seemed too good to be true.

I’ll assuage your skepticism right away and say my skin has never felt smoother after using this piece of sorcery. But there are a few things you should know.

My first question was what is actually removing the hair if there are no blades or hair-pulling mechanisms? The alleged secret is in the etched glass face of the tool, similar to what you would find on a glass nail file. According to the makers of this device and similar options out there, the friction of the crystal surface against your skin will break off the hair as it’s buffed. This process also works to exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis, which could be why my skin felt so soft after using it.

For the most part, this only comes as company-provided information, so do with that what you will.

Some TikTok creators have said they experienced irritation after using the method; I did not, even as someone with very sensitive skin. Similarly, some experts who believe the crystal eraser functions similarly to a razor have said it can be an aggressive method of hair removal that can lead to redness and irritation, especially when used on areas like the inner thighs or armpits.

The trick, I believe, is using the device on completely dry, clean skin that’s free from any moisturizer or body oil. This reduces the amount of time that the device is in contact with your skin. If you’re wondering how it feels, I would liken the sensation to a very smooth sandpaper being rubbed on your skin: slightly rough, but not painful, tugging or overly abrasive.

I don’t press hard when using it. Instead, I use circular motions and light pressure to buff away the hair until the skin feels smooth before moving to a different section of my leg. I use a thick body cream immediately afterward to stave off potential dryness.

While the eraser can be used on the armpits, arms and bikini line, I can only speak to lower leg usage.

Left: Four days of leg hair growth. Right: Immediately after using the crystal hair eraser on the middle section of shin. The skin looks brighter and the hair is gone.
Tessa Flores/HuffPost
Left: Four days of leg hair growth. Right: Immediately after using the crystal hair eraser on the middle section of shin. The skin looks brighter and the hair is gone.

Another benefit I experienced with the crystal hair eraser is slower regrowth. When I shave with a razor, I get prickly stubble the very next day, whereas the eraser allowed me to experience an extra full day of complete leg smoothness.

I also appreciate the reduced environmental impact of this device ― it’s completely reusable, doesn’t require any blade or cartridge replacements and I don’t have to be under running water to use it.

In terms of cons, this definitely isn’t the fastest way to eliminate body hair. The flat surface also isn’t the best for removing hair along the contours of your body, like the knees and ankles, which means it will require some creative maneuvering.

The fact that this clever little device is less than $20 should be enough of a reason to give it a shot, but you can look further down for more convincing. Or, if you’re ready for baby-soft skin already, see just below.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“I just got mine in today and sat down tonight to use it. It worked great! I live in an RV with a small water heater so this will be better than shaving my legs in cold water. Heck, I’m sure I’ll use it year round because it worked so great. My skin was smooth and felt great when I was done.” ― Tracy

“I definitely thought this would end up being a waste of money, but it actually works! I wanted to try this because I have sensitive skin and I am prone to ingrown hairs. My skin using this is so soft and I haven’t had an ingrown hair or skin irritation since I started using it! It does take longer than shaving, but to me it’s absolutely worth it.” ― Amazon customer

“I was skeptical at first but it really [did] remove hair and exfoliate. My skin has never been so soft. I will buy another one for my mom.” ― H Thatch

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