Crystal Lee: Aspire to Outdo Yourself

This is part of the #CareerAdvice series -- featuring successful professionals who share their advice to people who would want to take their career to the next level.

Having identified the things she's passionate about early on, Crystal Lee shares the importance of doing what you love and loving what you do. Her positive mindset and can-do attitude has allowed her to work with multinational brands and companies such as Estée Lauder, Yahoo! and now as the country manager for Viber - Philippines.

Crystal Lee, Country Manager of Viber Philippines

Can you tell us a bit about how you started your career? What are some of your best moments in your professional life?

I was taking my 5th year Master's in Science of Management in UA&P and I was chosen to be one of the four interns to work for e-PLDT. From there, I was recommended to work for SMART Telecommunications, then got a Marketing Manager opportunity to lead a multinational brand - Estée Lauder .

It is from my experience at Estée Lauder where I learned a lot: about being disciplined, being numbers driven, being on-time, and being very detail-oriented.

I was also immersed in working with different backgrounds and cultures as our Headquarters was in Singapore and got to travel around Asia Pacific, work with and meet other Brand leads from other countries.

Then I moved to Yahoo! where I was able to use everything I learned in Estée Lauder and at the same time, Yahoo! gave me the opportunity to be creative, think about original ideas and concepts for the brand, which eventually were used in other countries and regions.

Having worked with Yahoo! was one of the best moments in my professional life. I spearheaded and implemented the Yahoo OMG! Awards -- Yahoo's signature event and online celebrity awards across Asia.

Now being the Country Manager for Viber Philippines for over a year now, I must say this is the highlight of my career as I challenge myself and try to bring marketing to the next level through unique brand concepts and executions.

If you could advise your 20-year-old-self today, what would you tell her?

Do what you love, love what you do! Once you wake up and you are not looking forward to your day and what you do - leave!

Find something that you believe in and would want you to wake up excited and passionate. Also work with good people with the same values and passions. This will help you grow.

What has been the most valuable advice you've ever gotten when you were facing challenges in your career?

"Its just a job". Never lose yourself, no one ever said on their death bed: "I wish I worked more and stayed in the office more".

So learn to prioritize and value what's really important.

What would you advise the millennial just starting with their career or aiming to take their careers to the next level?

Always stay humble and learn from your mistakes. Having a big head and thinking you are the best stunts your growth and lowers your creativity as well as passion. Always aspire to outdo yourself.

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