Crystal Pepsi Is Back, But You Have To Win It To Sip It

Welcome back to the '90s.
12/09/2015 09:28am ET

Good news, '90s kids: Crystal Pepsi is back in all its clear, caffeine-free glory.

But don't rush to the grocery store just yet. You'll have to win your soda, as Pepsi is giving away 13,000 six-packs of Crystal Pepsi in a special sweepstakes.

The competition -- and the party -- is really heating fizzing up.

You may remember Crystal Pepsi as the short-lived soda that disappeared from shelves in 1993. Pepsi hinted at the drink's return in June, when competitive eater Kevin Strahle started a social media movement asking for a comeback.

Now that time has come: Nostalgic soda-seekers can enter the Crystal Pepsi sweepstakes by joining the free Pepsi Pass program and using the Pepsi Pass app. (You have to earn points to enter the sweepstakes, but don't worry: You'll get a hefty sign-up bonus when you start using the app.)

Entries will be accepted on Dec. 10 and 11, with Crystal Pepsi packs shipping out to 13,000 winners around Dec. 24.

What a merry Pepsi-mas that would be.

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