Crystal Renn Reveals The Truth About Her Recent Weight Loss (VIDEO)

With her background in plus-size modeling, Crystal Renn always finds herself on the hot seat about her weight. Is she gaining? Losing? What size is she? It's all a bit ridic, if you ask us.

But Renn herself has been vocal about her struggles with anorexia -- she once confessed to surviving on Diet Coke and sugar-free Jello -- and in a new interview with "Entertainment Tonight," she rebuts rumors that she's recently slipped back into unhealthy eating habits.

The model defended her weight loss back in February 2011, saying:

When this whole weight loss thing happened, I think that a lot of people wanted to point their finger at somebody. I think that they wanted to find a conspiracy where there absolutely was none. A lot of people said the industry was pressuring me, my agency was pressuring me, I was pressuring me, but it was just not the case in all three cases... I had anorexia ultimately because someone else set the standard for me and I wanted to follow it.

And in this new interview amidst gossip that she'd relapsed into her eating disorder, Crystal brushes off the rumors. She says she had a "horrible breakup" that caused her to lose weight; she also went to Patagonia with her grandmother, where she lost weight hiking and being active.

Renn further says she's been at every weight from being able to wear children's clothes to being a size 16, and everything in between -- and she says that now she "doesn't let my body dictate whether I'm happy or not."

Here's to that.