'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' Finale: Serial Killer Takes The Bait, Then Things Fall Apart (VIDEO)

Things went terribly awry on the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" season finale. The team was trying to track down a serial killer, and decided to use a girl as bait to lure him in. Bringing a civilian into a case like this always has its risks, but in this case, they were confident they could control the situation.

Conrad's daughter, Morgan, volunteered. At first, things were going according to plan. But it all fell apart when Greg and Nick lost track of the car -- with Morgan inside!

“Russell, Morgan’s gone," Greg had to tell his boss.

“The killer’s got Morgan, and Ellie," Russell said -- Ellie is Brass' estranged daughter. "He’s got them both."

“Not only is Morgan's fate in limbo, but the fate of Brass' estranged daughter Ellie remains in the air, as well,” Zap2It noted, saying that the premiere next season is guaranteed to be a "nail-biter." It's also guaranteed to be the only "CSI" premiere on the schedule. "Miami" was retired last season, and CBS decided to pull the plug on "NY" this year, leaving the original "CSI" as both the first and last "CSI" standing.

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