'CSI: Legoland' Brings Legos And David Caruso Together At Last (VIDEO)

Let's face it: Even though "CSI" has so many spinoffs that The Who is running out of songs in their catalogue, we'll never stop loving the crime procedural's cheesy dialogue and predictable-yet-entertaining plots. But we've never seen a "CSI" parody that comes even close to the new short film "CSI: Legoland."

Made by Austin filmmaker Joe Nicolosi, the man behind the popular Indie Super Mario trailer that aired at South By Southwest this year, "CSI: Legoland" is far funnier and more impressive than it has any right to be. Not only is the stop-motion animation superb and the Lego sets are astounding, the short is a pitch-perfect recreation of what makes "CSI" so great -- down to the punny sunglasses revelations and sweeping camera movements. Except with, you know, Legos.

Be sure to check out this one, but beware if you have an adverse reaction to graphic, Lego-on-Lego violence.