'CSI: NY' Actor Opens Up About Becoming A Single Dad After Adopting A Son

Hill Harper described being a father as his "biggest role" and "biggest blessing."

For the first time, “CSI: NY” actor Hill Harper is sharing with the world what it was like becoming a single father via adoption.

Harper’s son, Pierce Hill Harper, was born in December 2015. Harper told “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts last week that he left the set of the Tupac biopic “All Eyez On Me” to catch a plane so he could be in the delivery room when Pierce was born. He even cut the umbilical cord.

In his interview with Roberts, the actor and philanthropist described the experience of becoming a father as “the biggest role” and “biggest blessing” of his life despite all the difficulties.

“Every day you’re making a different set of decisions that you feel impact the future of this wonderful person,” he said. “That’s a challenge. It’s a beautiful challenge, but it’s a challenge.”

Harper had always wanted to be a father, but figured he would first get married and later start a family. He told Roberts that when his friend encouraged him to look into adoption in 2015, he said it wasn’t “the way it’s supposed to happen.” Harper quickly proved himself wrong, though.

"CSI: NY" actor Hill Harper said becoming a dad has been the "biggest blessing."
Jared Siskin via Getty Images
"CSI: NY" actor Hill Harper said becoming a dad has been the "biggest blessing."

After taking his friend’s advice and getting more information about adoption from an attorney, Harper decided he wasn’t ready. But in November 2015 he received a call from the adoption attorney who explained a pregnant woman was due in three weeks and interested in having her child adopted. That’s when Harper had to decide whether he wanted to become a single father or continue to wait. The actor told People that choosing to adopt Pierce then was “the greatest decision” he’s made in his life.

Harper also told People his family and his girlfriend have been incredibly supportive of him and Pierce. The 18-month-old loves music, and his dad plays classical songs for him often.

Harper admitted to People that he was “so scared” about becoming a single father, but now after a year-and-a-half with Pierce, he sees the impact his son has had on his life.

“Looking back now, all the fears I had were ridiculously small compared to the joy of having him in my life and having the opportunity to be a father,” he said.

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