C-SPAN Asks Supreme Court To Allow Cameras To Broadcast Oral Arguments About Health Care

C-SPAN has asked the Supreme Court to let C-SPAN cameras into its courtroom.

The Supreme Court agreed this week to hear oral arguments challenging President Obama's health care bill that was passed into law in 2010. Lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act has been brought by 26 states.

C-SPAN's CEO Brian Lamb wrote to the Supreme Court justices on Tuesday. He said that the Court's decision to hear over five hours of oral arguments indicated "the significance of this case." He wrote that C-SPAN would televise the arguments on its own channel and distribute the material to "all others in the media interested in carrying it."

Lamb appealed to the public's best interest and wrote that the Court's "end of the week" audiocast would be understandably challenging for interested citizens to follow.

C-SPAN has long been an advocate of televising Supreme Court hearings. Chief Justice John Roberts has long been an advocate of keeping them off the air.

Read the whole letter below:
C-SPAN Letter To John Roberts