CSUN Library Freakout During Finals Week (VIDEO)

WATCH: Student Freaks Out In The Library During Finals Week

This latest take on the "Asians in the library meme" isn't as obviously mockable as UCLA student Alexandra Wallace's infamously racist rant, but it's still managed to make some waves on the internet.

In this YouTube clip, posted on Wednesday, an Asian student has a whispery, intense "freakout" in the Cal State Northridge Library during finals week.

The video doesn't depict what provoked the student into stomping across the room. Instead, it picks up in the aftermath of her first outburst as her provocateurs say, "Ok, this isn't a scary movie. You need to calm your dramatic a** down."

The student comes marching back to lean over their desks: "Do not tell me that. It's rude and disrespectful, ok? It's finals right now."

After a few more jeers, the student comes back one last time to ask, "What's wrong with you?" She then turns toward the entire room and says, "what's wrong with all of you?" As students in the library start speaking up against her multiple disruptions, she returns to her desk and slams it repeatedly.

The LA Weekly points out that the video has already started garnering racist video responses and a heated debate in the comments section of the YouTube page.

The video publisher tries to indemnify him or herself from the potential fallout, saying "this is not my video, i do not take credit for the recording of this video. watch and enjoy!" But one of the highest ranked comments on the YouTube post asks, "You are a bully for instigating this girl and even more so for putting this up here. Do you want to ruin this girl's life? You are mean."

Of course, this is by no means the wildest finals week shenanigan we've ever seen. At the College of William & Mary in Virginia, students rushed their library to get a good study spot, knocking someone over. At the University of California, San Diego, students camped out in front of their library to protest the lack of a 24-hour policy during finals week.

For a more light-hearted tribute to Asian-American college students and their study habits, check out the tumblr Asians Sleeping In The Library, created by "a handsome Jew who also likes to sleep in libraries."

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the sit-in occurred at the University of San Diego. It was actually University of California, San Diego.

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