CTA Station Art: Chicago Transit Authority Unveils Online Guide To Station Artwork (PHOTOS)

Amid renovation initiatives, the introduction of new, souped up series-5000 cars on the Pink Line with a larger expansion planned and an increasingly active social media presence, the Chicago Transit Authority has been keeping followers updated on their rail service. But recently, they added to their website a guide to one of their less pragmatic features: the wide range of public art on display along all eight "L" lines.

The website now hosts a guide sorted by line that spotlights paintings, sculptures and installations many Chicagoans may see daily if they glimpse up from their gadgets, and provides background to the piece's inspiration and origins. Many were produced as part of Arts in Transit, a 2004 collaboration between the CTA and the City of Chicago Public Art Program funded by the Federal Transit Administration, and through the CTA’s Adopt-A-Station program and other artistic partnerships, according to the CTA website

See some of the artwork rounded up on, and the context the agency provided. Did they miss one of your favorites? Tell us in the comments below:


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