Ctrl Z Woman


Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to undo mistakes with a simple keystroke, it's Ctrl Z Woman.

Yes, my super ability is the power to undo. Once, while doing dishes, I dropped a glass and as it shattered on the floor my left hand started twitching Crtl Z. Thus was born Ctrl Z Woman.

I realized at that very moment, how often I use Ctrl Z in my life.

The real power of undo is that it allows me to take risks. I may transpose some music into a crazy key, just to hear it, and then with a flick of my hand, change it back. If I am drawing and it all goes horribly wrong, no problem, Ctrl Z to the rescue.

The kryptonite of my power is the number of levels of undo. If there is a setting in the program to increase the number of udos, I do. Sadly, not all programs allow you to change the number undos and so my nemesis is notepad, allowing only one measly undo.

When people ask me "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" I smile and say "Actually, I already have one." Flicking my fingers I intone "By the power of Ctrl Z, UNDO!"

I'm fun at parties.