Cuba Flights From The U.S. Are Now Open To Book Online With CheapAir

Americans are already going bonkers over eased travel restrictions to Cuba, and now one company is calling itself the first to offer flights from the U.S. to the island 90 minutes off the coast of Florida.

Travel website CheapAir debuted a "U.S. to Cuba" booking option Thursday, allowing users to find and book travel to Havana.

The process isn't totally seamless. Since no U.S. airline has yet to launch regular service to Cuba, CheapAir will book two flights for travelers: one from the U.S. to Mexico, and one from Mexico to Havana.

Even with a layover, getting to Cuba is now easier for American travelers than it has been in the past half-century. Previously, U.S. travelers had to apply for licenses before their trips. The new regulations simply require U.S. travelers to visit for one of 12 (conveniently vague) purposes, like "educational activities" and "support for the Cuban people." On CheapAir's site, users will simply click the reason that applies to their trips and then book away. (Given the ease of this process, it remains to be seen how well the regulations will be enforced, if at all.)

U.S. travelers are still waiting for the day when Cuba-bound flights become the norm: For now, only a handful of carriers offer charter flights, many from Miami. But that will likely change in the near future -- JetBlue, United and Delta have all expressed interest in opening regular routes.