Cuba Travel Information Is Now On KAYAK

Oh happy day -- you no longer need to be Beyonce to take a trip to Cuba. And thanks to KAYAK, this just became all too real.

The popular travel search engine announced it will list flight and hotel information for Cuba (aka travelers can now plan their trip to the Caribbean island on the site) on Thursday. KAYAK will list more than 300 hotels as well as flights, according to a press release.

While travelers can't book directly on the site, they can use the wealth of listings for "informational" purposes as they plan trips.

It's all joyous news to us in the U.S., as travel restrictions recently lessened -- travelers no longer need licenses to visit Cuba, though they still must belong in one of 12 categories like "academics" or "family members."

In any case, we can't wait to get to the land of culture, history and, oh yeah, beaches.

Havana, Cuba