Cubs Fan Takes Foul Ball Intended For Kid, But The Little Guy Still Wins

It turned out the man had helped the boy get a ball earlier.

An adult Chicago Cubs fan took finders-keepers liberties at Sunday’s game at Wrigley Field, appearing to steal a foul ball intended for a child.

Cubs first base coach Will Venable tossed a foul ball at the boy during the Cubs-Cardinals game. But the ball dropped under the lad. A fan in the next row snatched it and had a laugh with two companions.

Chicago’s “Sports Talk Live” host David Kaplan later tweeted that the Cubs told him the man who snagged the ball actually had helped the boy get a ball earlier, and fans sitting next to him said he gave this ball to another child. “Guy is A-OK so let it go people,” Kaplan wrote.

But the Cubs’ organization made sure to look out for the little guy.

The team tweeted a photo of the boy with two baseballs, including one signed by All-Star second baseman Javy Baez. That “should take care of it,” the team wrote.

Anyone actually thinking of swiping a foul ball from a child should check out this Ozzy Man video on the subject:

May you never run afoul of the Ozzy Man.

This story has been updated to include additional details from fans seated next to the man.

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