The Cuddle Mattress, Which Lets You Snuggle Comfortably, Might Be Getting Closer To Reality (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Big spoons, rejoice!

It was a problem on "Friends." It's still a problem now. And it was probably a problem as old as the mattress itself: How to sleep alongside another person without one's arm going numb. But intrepid inventor, Mehdi Mojtavabi, came up with a solution that would solve the issue once and for all. His Cuddle Mattress, which is basically a mattress made up of foam slats, allows one to slide their arm comfortably underneath their sleeping partner... and out, if necessary.

The only catch? It couldn't get produced. Mainly, manpower and funding challenges got in the way. NPR's "All Tech Considered" reports that potential buyers don't want to commit without being able to try the product, which puts a wrench in the whole crowdfunding thing. But with increased interest in the product, Mojtavabi is seeking investors to finally get the project off the ground. Or put it to bed. Watch the video above to see it in action, and head over to "All Tech Considered" for more.

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