Cuddling and Playing With Furry Friends Is Healing Self Care

Cuddling and Playing With Furry Friends Is Healing Self Care
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Another favorite thing I enjoy that helps my holistic healing self-care is cuddling with and playing with my two adorable sweet cat fur babies. My two adorable sweet cats, Marble, and his sister, Cali, are the most adorable sweetest cats I've ever known and I'm very thankful and Blessed to share my life with them. Cali, a beautiful Calico, and her brother, Marble, a dark gray Tabby, rescued my dear husband and me and touched our life when their beautiful beloved Mother, who also touched our life, sadly passed, and they were orphans. I helped bring them into the world and I've been their human Mother for 10 years and it's the most wonderful beautiful journey I've been Blessed with in my life. They are my best friends and I love them both very much. I've had fur friends in my life, but these two are precious, the sweetest cats I've ever known. I call Marble, "Marble Nightingale" because he is my healer, my protector. I'm writing this special post to share how important animals are for our holistic healing self-care. Nothing in the world is more healing to me when I feel miserable than my cat's beautiful, sweet, healing purr and his meow is wonderful. I love cuddling with dogs, too, but cats and their purr is a healing poetic combination. It's magical and healing.


Cuddling with furry friends is another wonderful way to forget about being an adult and just be and enjoy being alive. Our furry friends are here to remind us to love and be gentle with each other and ourselves and enjoy just being. One of my favorite quotes is by A.D. Williams. "When I look into the eyes of an animal, I don't see an animal. I see a Soul, a friend, a being." One of the things I love that helps me feel better is volunteering to help the animals by sharing urgent rescues on social media. Every furry friend whose life is saved warms my heart and makes me feel wonderful, knowing that I am making a positive wonderful difference in many lives. Our furry friends are here to show us unconditional love and we should show them our love and gratitude by protecting them and keeping them safe.

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