New App Cuddlr Connects Strangers For Just Cuddles

New App Cuddlr Connects Strangers For Purely Cuddling

If you're interested in cuddling with a stranger, there's now an app for that. Think Tinder, but without any expectations for dating or something more.

Cuddlr shows the names, pictures, and number of upvotes and downvotes -- users rate each other after they cuddle -- of users within walking distance of you. Tapping on a photo sends a cuddle request, and the recipient then has 15 minutes to accept or reject. If they accept, you can send them a message, and you're able to track each of your locations on a map.

What happens when you meet is up to you. The founders encourage users to keep the experience completely platonic. "Unlike some other apps, Cuddlr is strictly about PG-rated experiences. Keep the cuddle a cuddle!" the app's introduction reads. The app suggests lying together in a park, window shopping, or just hugging. You can see some of the platonic fun in their video below.

"I think as a culture we’re ready to consider cuddling as more than just something that happens before or after sex, but as something worth pursuing in its own right," founder Charlie Williams told Salon.

You'll need a Facebook account to register; Facebook is also the source of your Cuddlr profile photo. Cuddlr doesn't reveal gender or age, so filtering is only by appearance.

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