Why A 'Hot Dog' And Other Culinary Words Explained

Another book about food history would have been relatively easy to do, as it's all been done before. Start with the Greeks, tackle the Romans, re-visit the Spice Routes and tell the tale of Marco Polo, introduce the Italians again and end up with the French Revolution that inspired a generation of French Chefs around the turn of the 19th century. There it is: a food history book.

But there is also another way to learn about food history, one that is altogether more rewarding. For example, have you ever wondered what Julius Caesar had to do with your favorite salad? Or, who was Suzette, who lent her name to the best-selling crepe on the planet? Now, that makes for an interesting book about food history doesn't it?

For the answers to these questions and hundreds more join me on a brand new journey through the history of our favorite food in this slideshow. For more, check out my book, "What Caesar Did for My Salad: Not to Mention the Earl's Sandwich, Pavlova's Meringue and Other Curious Stories Behind Our Favourite Food."