Culture and Humanity: How Can We Experience Transcendent Moments?

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Having read a phrase in a philosophy class that "human beings are social animals" (Aristotle), I was a bit astounded. Is it as simple as that? Are we just animals that live in one group, one society created for the sole purpose of our survival? What differentiates us from animals and what really makes us human beings?

Indeed, if we watch animals' behavior more closely, we might notice that we, humans, have a lot in common with animals. Our behavior is largely predetermined by our basic instinctual needs, - yet there is something that differentiates us from animals, something that gives us the right to call ourselves human beings. And it's not only about having more complex organisms and higher intellectual capacities, it's not only about our awareness of death, but it's rather about being able to go through transcendent experience, to go beyond our instincts and physical bodies, beyond satisfaction of all the basic needs; it's about being able to feel and experience life to the extent that can't be even expressed in simple words, it's about having an experience, in which one can shout: "Moment stop, you are beautiful"...

I believe that culture is something that can help us have such moments and get the experience that goes beyond physicality, the experience that can help us become deep personalities. Philosophy, theater, visual arts, poetry, novels, music and all other elements of culture are created by people for people as a reminder that we are not just a sum of our instincts, and that "man does not live by bread alone".

Personally, I enjoy all aspects of culture, but I find music as something particularly strong and special. I can only imagine how hollow my life would be without the music. It inspires me for art creation and doing my work, it relaxes me when I am tired, calms me down when I am depressed. In joy and sorrow, when I am excited or feel blue, the music is always with me, like a partner who is constantly nearby and ready to support. With the help of music I can live up all the emotions to the full, it can make me cry or smile, it can take me to a magnificent world, the world with no rules or lies, the world, where everything is possible.

I like different music styles and listen to everything, from Ramstein to classical music, and every time I have a chance I go to a concert of my favorite performer. Music helps pay attention to every single emotion and value every piece of experience, no matter whether it's joyful or sad. "Without music, life would be a mistake", said Nietzsche, and I couldn't agree more, as music has given me the most transcendent moments in life and has sharpened my artistic vision.

No matter what I do in life, whether I am at home or travel, I'd like to always have music with me. And I am glad to be living during technologically advanced times and to be able to use all the benefits of technology to experience life to the full. Bluetooth earbuds help me listen to the music every time I want to, and I don't have to worry about the tangling of the cords or what outfit I am wearing, as they will look good with every style. Besides, Bluetooth earbuds can be easily paired with different devices, so I am not concerned if I have an access only to a tablet, or a computer, or a smartphone, - everything will work. Technology is created to help us, so why not use it to lead a more fulfilling life?

Music is a special kind of a universal language, which, alongside with all other cultural aspects, can offer us the most spiritual and transcendent moments in life that will always be remembered. Everyone will have their own ways to reach those moments, whether by going to a concert, reading a book or simply listening to the music while walking and getting lost in a foreign city; it's just important not to let those moments pass by.