CultureZohn: Leo DiCaprio/Al Gore/Maya Lin: Three Climate Change Activists step it up and so should we

Last night I watched Leo DiCaprio's doc on climate change. Before the Flood. As someone whose expertise falls far from this arena, I had only my native intelligence to go by. I was impressed because I have been in a few situations with Hollywood celebs and their causes-of-the-week which spring from suspect motives.


Leo clearly cares, and more importantly, he has gone on the road to educate himself and to try to bring the wisdom of people who are in it for the long haul to our attention.


Al Gore, who also brought us climate change via an advocacy film, An Inconvenient Truth, visiting first Ivanka and then 45 yesterday, was a poignant sidebar, and I heard Leo has met with Ivanka too.

We don't want to leave climate change advocacy up to Ivanka however.


Instead check out Maya Lin's mapping project, What is Missing due to emerge more fully from its chrysalis on Earth Day next year.

Then make a New Year's resolution about what you can do to help. Some are saying individuals can't make a difference anymore, but we are already feeling hopeless enough.

Watch these films. See their suggestions. Then, take an action, however small.