Cuomo: I Smoked Pot, But No Cocaine (VIDEO)

Cuomo: I Smoked Pot, But No Cocaine (VIDEO)

After having a governor and a president admit that they've done cocaine, Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo's acknowledgment Monday that he "experimented" with marijuana when he "was a youth" seems just plain tame.

While discussing his new crack down on child pornography, Cuomo mentioned that his office used "hash values" to help create a database of illicit images.

Seizing on the word "hash", NY1's Josh Robin asked Cuomo if he had ever smoked hashish.

A laughing Cuomo responded that while he smoked pot when he was younger, "in no way do I suggest that any young people should do any experimentation whatsoever."

When asked if that was the only illicit drug he's tried, Cuomo responded, "Yes sir."

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