Frustrated Andrew Cuomo Zaps Trump: Watch TV Less, Work More

"You can't pass the buck without passing the bucks," slams the governor.

Donald Trump picked the wrong Democrat to attack Friday. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slapped back at criticism from the president by suggesting Trump watch less TV and “get up and go to work.”

The putdown came after Trump tweeted that Cuomo should focus on “doing” and not “complaining” in his battle against COVID-19. The president was clearly tuned in to Cuomo’s daily press briefing Friday when the governor did indeed complain about lack of action and support from the Trump administration concerning financial aid and tests to detect the coronavirus. “Stop talking!” Trump tweeted in the middle of the briefing, not taking a page from his own book.

When told of Trump’s tweets by a reporter at the briefing, Cuomo responded: “If he’s sitting home watching TV, maybe he should get up and go to work, right?”

Cuomo also criticized Trump’s remark that the governor demanded more supplies than needed. Cuomo pointed out that the state was relying on projections from the Trump administration. “Were we foolish for relying on your projections, Mr. President?” Cuomo asked. “Coronavirus task force, that’s you.”

As for Trump’s complaints that New York isn’t adequately grateful, the governor snorted: “What am I supposed to do, send a bouquet of flowers?”

Trump went on the attack during the briefing after Cuomo called the federal response to the COVID-19 crisis “mayhem.” He added: “We need a coordinated approach between the federal government and the states.”

But the federal government has provided “zero, zilch, nada in unrestricted aid” in its first three COVID-19 rescue bills even as it asks states to up their efforts, Cuomo said.

The governor noted: “The only thing he’s doing — let’s be honest — [is] ‘Well, it’s up to the states’ to reopen.′ By the way, it was always up to the states. What are you going to grant me? What the Constitution gave me before you were born? It’s called the 10th Amendment ... maybe he should have read the Constitution.”

And one more zinger from Cuomo: “You can’t pass the buck without passing the bucks.”

Check out Cuomo’s takedown in the video up top.

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