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New Yorkers No Longer Deprived Of Cupcake Dispensing ATM

After launching in four cities throughout the country, Sprinkles Bakery has finally opened a cupcake ATM in NYC.

After launching in four different cities throughout the country, Sprinkles Bakery has finally opened their much-discussed cupcake ATM in New York City.

The 24-hour machine, now located on Lexington Avenue in the Upper East Side, stocks up to 760 cupcakes with up to 20 varieties of their popular desserts.

The ATM even offers two flavors for pooches -- an option that caters to the neighborhood's dog-centric sensibilities.

cupcake atm

On Tuesday, Sprinkles New York debut attracted a long line of curious fans eager to try out the machine.

One woman who makes frequent trips to the city in order to care for her friend's dog checked in on the ATM multiple times Tuesday.

"I can look forward to this every time I come back now," the woman, who declined to provide her full name, told DNAinfo.

Another customer likened the experience to being in "Willy Wonka."

"You get to watch the robotic arm go and take the cupcakes and then the door opens and there's four cupcakes just right in front of you."

If you fear the hype is bound to deplete cupcake offerings, don't worry, as operators make sure to stock the ATM every few hours.