Cupcake Stuffing Is Not For The Thanksgiving Traditionalist

Sure, Why Not Stuff Your Turkey With Cupcakes?

The perfect Thanksgiving stuffing is definitely something to celebrate (if you need inspiration, HuffPost Taste has some great suggestions). While we understand sticking with tradition, we can also get why sometimes people want to mix it up a bit -- bread and savory spices can only have so many variations. If you're really looking for something different this year, might we suggest cupcake stuffing?

The always-creative cupcake blog The Cupcake Project, has gone where no turkey stuffer has gone before by presenting what actually looks to be palatable cupcake recipe that is stuffed inside the bird. Cranberry cupcakes absorb the turkey drippings nicely.

Not quite sure just how cupcake stuffing works? Check out the photos below and make sure to head over to The Cupcake Project to learn how to make the recipe.

Raw Turkey

Cupcake Stuffing

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