'Cupcake Wars': 'The Closer's' 100th Episode Celebration Prize (VIDEO)

From 'Cupcake Wars' To 'The Closer' 100th Episode Party

It was a special installment of "Cupcake Wars" (Sun., 8PM ET on Food), as four previously eliminated contestants battled it out to be the official cupcake provider for the 100th episode celebration of "The Closer." Even better, the winning baker gets to join their cupcakes at the party. Getting to rub elbows with celebrities as the newly minted winner is like having your cupcake, and eating it too.


The bakers even had to impress G.W. Bailey, Lt. Provenza on "The Closer." He was the third judge for this week's competition. It was an especially difficult decision once the top two displays were set side by side. Both showed a lot of creativity in their design, but it was the combination of flavor and display that pushed Kyra Bussanich's cupcakes over the top.

"I just won 'Cupcake Wars.' A gluten-free baker has never won before and I am thrilled," she said. The gluten-free cupcakes were a huge hit with the cast of "The Closer," too, with many of them surprised to hear they were gluten-free. Kyra hopes the victory, and the presentation at the 100th episode celebration, will help put her bake shop on the map.

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