Cups for Change: This Week In Daily Giving

This week at The Pollination Project, we are acknowledging seven grantees whose innovative projects are inspiring participants to think about the future of both themselves and the world. University of North Carolina students brand cups with essential messaging while down the coast in Florida, youth upcycle canisters as wastebaskets. The unique visions of the following projects hold the potential to make a world of difference.

Congratulations to our seven newest seed grant recipients!

Cori McWilliams, Project Stow-It, Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Discarded tennis ball cans are repurposed into portable trash collection containers, reducing debris at beaches.


Umra Omar and Francis Dyer, Safari Doctors, Lamu, Kenya. Volunteer medical professionals embark on monthly mobile clinics to provide basic care to those in remote areas.

Rebecca Copper, Axiom: Judgment Call of the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, USA. An art engagement project connects the incarcerated with local artists to converse and collaborate on projects.

Deanna MacCormac and Lisa Dunleavy, Carolina Conscious, Chapel, North Carolina, USA. Compostable cups are branded with sexual assault awareness messages to increase awareness.

Edwin Omollo, JuaKali Empowerment (Strong Sun), Kisumu, Kenya. Unemployed youth receive specialized, technical training on welding to further employment opportunities.


Mario Oropeza Rios, Recycled Bamboo Bike Workshop, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Volunteers unite communities and build solidarity through free bike workshops.

Rebecca Moran, Art in the Park, Fairmont, West Virginia, USA. Children improve communities through free art education services and activities.

Do you have a project with the intent to help make the world a better place for all? We accept grant applications for Pollination Project seed grants, every day of the year. We love learning about changemakers across all continents and hemispheres and all they are doing to spread compassion, peace, sustainability, generosity and justice.