CURB 'Identity Briefs' Underwear Reveal Gay Men's Preferred Sexual Position

LOOK: Top? Bottom? Just Check His Label

In another striking sign of the times, marketers are now enabling gay men to discern a guy's preferred sexual position without ever having a conversation.

Only problem? You've got to get his pants off first.

CURB, an athletic-wear and undergarment company based out of London, recently branded a new line of "Identity Briefs" that place gay male-specific labels on the wearer. Bottom, Active or Versitile are clearly visibile on the waistband of each pair of skimpy briefs.

Curb describes the line with this advertising campaign:

Be the top of your game with the Active brief in white with the super smooth blue waistband.

Cut to the chase with the Bottom brief in white with the super smooth red waistband.

Take your choice with the Versatile brief in white with the super smooth green waistband.

In the past, other marketers have tried to capitalize on this same idea of gay men branding themselves with their sexual position of choice. Perhaps we can come to understand this product development through a larger cultural awareness surrounding the marketability of sports and the struggle for gay rights.

Would you sport these sexy, role-specific undies?

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CURB "Identity Briefs"

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