"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Finale Includes New "Seinfeld" Episode (VIDEO)

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Finale Includes New "Seinfeld" Episode (VIDEO)

SPOILERS AHEAD*: It took over a decade, but "Seinfeld"-less fans finally received a new episode. Sort of. This season's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" followed Larry as he put together a reunion in an attempt win back Cheryl, and last night the results were finally unveiled.

For any "Seinfeld" fan, the season has been a dream come true. Not only were the characters reunited, but we finally saw them interact with Larry, the neurotic man who put it all together. Especially hilarious was Larry's ongoing feud with Jason Alexander, who given the character he made famous, can be considered the "Bizarro Larry." The tip at lunch, the borrowed pen, and even last night's competition for Chery's affection - it was all glorious.

Throughout the series, Larry has worn his connection to George as a badge of honor, taking offense when anyone referred to the character as a "yutz" or "schmuck." His pride reached new heights last night as he got the chance to play the character himself when Jason Alexander threatened to quit.

Nothing was left unaddressed as the season even made sure to touch upon topics like Michael Richards' racist tirade at the Laugh Factory in 2006. It also caught us up on the characters' lives since the finale: Elaine gave birth to Jerry's child, George created an iPhone app (the iToilet), and Jerry analyzed it all.

Since plot-lines from the real "Seinfeld" were often based on actual events from the real life Larry David, it was only fitting that there were references to his fake life on the fake reunion. So alas, here it is, in all its glory. New "Seinfeld." New neuroses. New nothing.

*Spoilers for both the real finale of Curb and the fake reunion of Seinfeld


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