"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Takes On Michael Richards Fiasco (VIDEO)

Last night marked the penultimate "Curb" episode featuring the "Seinfeld" cast, and while we've learned a lot about what's happened to the characters since the show went of air (Elaine gave birth to Jerry's child who calls him "uncle," George lost all his money in Madoff's ponzi scheme) we've heard little of the actors' real lives...until now. In the episode dubbed "The Table Read," Leon Black and Michael Richards had a run-in. Richards yelled, "I'm so pissed off I could put this hat up your ass...You made a chump out of me...If only there were a horrible name that I could call you that would make you as angry as I am." At this point dozens of people had gathered around them filming him with their camera phones, just like what happened in 2006 when Richards went on a racist tirade at the Laugh Factory in real life. In that instance he yelled at heckler saying, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass...Throw his ass out. He's a n***er! He's a n***er! He's a n***er!"


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