'Curb Your Enthusiasm' with These Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good iPhone Apps

Season 8 of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is finally here!

While subscribers can tap in to the show from HBO Go on their iPhones, iPads and Android devices, hardcore fans should take a second, third or fourth look at these iPhone apps and Android apps that will make you think you have died, gone to heaven and then eventually kicked out by a pair of guardian angels.

SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder
Forget about George Costanza's iToilet, which earned him millions in the "Seinfeld" reunion episode, only to be flushed away by Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. This free app, also available on Android, has a database of nearly 100,000 "clean and available" restrooms across the globe. Now, if it only had access to George's boss' private bathroom or a display of department store toilets that flush like a jet engine.

Digital Video Recorders are miraculous devices, but are they really worth losing a marriage over? Next time Larry or anyone among us freaks out because their TiVo isn't working properly, download this free iPad app to tide you over until the repairman comes to the rescue. Come to think about it, Larry and Cheryl may never have separated if they had access to the Hulu or Netflix apps any earlier.

Waze GPS & Traffic - Social, fun!
No need to hire a companion to ride shotgun in the carpool lane with this handy iPhone and Android app that helps you beat traffic. Waze relies on user-submitted information to let drivers know about upcoming congestion and the best routes to take. Just don't use it to pick up non-prescribed medicine for your ailing parents.

Sex Offender Search
While it's hard to pay for a non-game iPhone app these days, can you really put a price on knowing whether the new neighbor you befriend is actually a registered sex offender? There is also an Android version that should help plan your seating list more effectively during your next Seder or family holiday.

If you no longer trust your meteorologist who manipulates weather reports to enjoy free rein at the golf course, you are in luck with this free app available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Among the only things this omnipotent app can't do on the golf course is resurrect black swans or keep your BlackBerries turned off in critical moments.

Southwest Airlines
Never worry about losing or having other passengers steal your airline tickets with this free app by Southwest Airlines. While the Southwest app can help you make reservations, check in to your flights and access your Rapid Rewards account, it will not prevent your future brother-in-law from changing religions just before the wedding.

textPlus Free Test + Group Texting
If you are ever drafted to participate in a texting relationship with a 9-year-old, you may as well find an economical way to send your ALL CAPS rants. This free app, also available on Android devices, can save you save as much as $240 per year. Just don't expect it to wipe away rashes from sensitive areas.

If ever diagnosed with Groat's Disease, there is no better place to assess all the symptoms than this free app, also available for the iPad and Android devices. If you have trouble learning about this ailment on WebMD, you can always schedule a time to speak with Danny Duberstein.

If these apps are not enough for you, there is a nice selection of "Curb"-related iPhone apps to keep you bemusedly entertained between episodes this season. Enjoy!