Curbside Calm

I was in Washington DC at Regan airport at 6:30 AM January 25 standing in the curbside check-in line for my flight to LAX. This was the morning before the anticipated biggest snow fall in a hundred years. The lines inside the airport were twice as long as normal so the freezing cold outside was preferable.

Considering the circumstances I noticed a calm atmosphere and lightness in the air among those standing in line. I was next to a fireman from Minnesota who had been to a conference and we were enjoying the comradery. As the line got closer to the ticket agent I realized who was responsible for all this calm and good nature.

The agent was Chinese, possibly in his 60s and was not wearing gloves. He was completely present in the moment moving steadily on purpose with simple deliberation. His focused presence struck me so much that I just watched him--no rush, no judgment, no drama, just simply doing what was next. Every few minutes he would put one and then the other hand in his pocket to warm up. It was very cold. The line moved steadily and his focus was palpable. The man working with him handled the luggage and he was also present and focused and was happy to serve.

My work is all about the power of focus and the relaxed calm it can bring. Doing one thing at a time through to completion in a natural flow is awe inspiring to witness. I was humbled watching him work and honored to receive his beautiful and loving gift of peaceful presence that infused the line of travelers among us. Thank you, sir!

Martha Invitations (Four again this month)

1. Practice one thing at a time through to completion.
2. Remind yourself that your conscious presence is your greatest gift.
3. Invite yourself to be consciously present with yourself when you get off track.
4. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks just published a sequel to their wonderful Conscious Loving book titled: Conscious Loving Ever After. It is about having thriving relationships and focuses on presence. Enjoy!