Curious and Curiouser: McCain Popular Among Anti-War Voters

Curious and Curiouser: McCain Popular Among Anti-War Voters

John McCain hasn't exactly been vague on where he stands on the War in Iraq. He's not just for it, he wants to have it for one hundred years, and he basically wants to be credited with being the biggest supporter of the "Surge" and General Petraeus. Along the way, he's painted his primary opponent, Mitt Romney as a timetable-loving, war hero dissing, coddler of Islamic extremists. No one should have any doubts about the extent to which McCain wants to mong himself some wars. Yet, in an exit poll analysis conducted by CNN's Bill Schneider, anti-war Republicans haven't seemed to have gotten the memo:

Among those Republicans who disapprove of the war, nearly half voted for McCain, while only a quarter voted for Mitt Romney -- even though McCain spent the past few weeks trying to portray Romney as more liberal on the war.

As much as the McCain campaign has been stridently decried by Romney-supporting conservatives, it's not likely to be an issue they can make hay with, considering Romney's not pitching himself to anti-war Republicans. The news should cheer the Democrats, however, who will see this moderate support for McCain as poachable in a general election.

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