'Curious Critters' Picture Book Shows Children The Importance Of Animals (PHOTOS)

Award-winning wildlife photographer David FitzSimmons hopes that children will learn to appreciate nature through reading his new picture book, "Curious Critters."

Beautiful butterflies, bright red beetles, and a big brown bat are just a few of the truly curious animals depicted in the Sigma Pro photographer's stunning images.

All of the curious critters are photographed against white backdrops. "White backgrounds," FitzSimmons explained, "eliminate distractions and allow readers to notice the animals' unique colors, textures, shapes, and even 'personalities.'"

While photographer and author FitzSimmons admits that animals may not have personalities, he took artistic license, letting each animal tell about its natural history. A bush katydid explains her bubblegum-pink color, a poetic opossum opines upon her often-shortened name, and a far-from-modest black swallowtail butterfly lets readers in on her secret for avoiding predators. [Text continues below images.]

Book Statement: All animals portrayed in this book were handled carefully and not sedated. Some resided at centers dedicated to education, conservation, and rehabilitation. Wild animals were returned safely to their habitats.

All images and captions courtesy of David FitzSimmons.

Curious critters

FitzSimmons, a professor at Ashland University and a former school teacher, wrote the book to be fun and educational. "Curious Critters" successfully walks a fine line, meeting all K-4 life science education standards of the National Research Council yet engaging even the most reluctant readers.

Sample flipping book pages, more info about the unique photography techniques and signed copies of award-winning "Curious Critters" are available at curious-critters.com. "Curious Critters" is also available at bookstores across North America and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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