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3 Ways To Curl Your Eyelashes Without A Lash Curler (PHOTOS)

We did!

When you're thinking about makeup bag essentials, an eyelash curler rarely makes the cut. Even though it can give your eyelashes a curl boost pre- and post-mascara, its cumbersome nature makes it hard to tote around.

But luscious lashes may not require the traditional tool. We tested three easy techniques to achieve the desired length and volume, all with items that can be found in a pinch. Using just your fingertips, a spoon and hot water, you can take your lashes from blah to brilliant. Check out our results below:

curl eyelashes without lash curler

Technique 1: Mascara, then warm fingertips. Results: HuffPostStyle intern Lauren Leibowitz is lucky to have a long set of eyelashes that frame her big green eyes. But they tend to only curl on the outer lashes. So, after she applied a few coats of mascara, Lauren pushed her eyelashes up towards her brows using her fingertips (she warmed them up by rubbing together). Three minutes later, she had a well-rounded flutter that held up for the remainder of the work day.

curl eyelashes without lash curler

Technique 2: Warm fingertips, then mascara. Results: Michelle Persad, our fashion and beauty assistant, went in the opposite order of Lauren's method and first applied pressure to her eyelashes. She tightly pressed her warmed-up fingertips against her brow bone for a few minutes, then brushed on mascara. Instantly, her lashes appeared longer, fuller and curlier. However, this was short-lived as they fell after 30 minutes. Turns out applying mascara before pinching eyelashes yields long-lasting effects.

curl eyelashes without lash curler

Technique 3: Warm spoon, then mascara. Results: As a beauty editor, I've heard about the warm spoon eyelash curling trick countless times. But I've always just stuck with what I know. My lashes have a bit of a natural curl, but tend to stick off straight in certain spots. After pressing the back of the spoon against my eyelashes for a few seconds (warning: be sure to remove your contact lenses beforehand), I noticed they curled up even tighter. Maybe a bit too much for my taste, but at least it lasted all day.

Have you ever tried curling your eyelashes without a lash curler? Which technique works best for you? Tell us in the comments section.

Check out the lashes on these ladies:


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