Curly Girl Collective Gives The Gift Of Black Natural-Haired Dolls To Those In Need This Holiday

The lovely ladies over at Curly Girl Collective -- our favorite organization celebrating all things natural hair -- are spreading some serious holiday cheer this year with their "All Dolled Up" event.

Inspired by the unfortunate events surrounding Tiana Parker and Vanessa VanDyke, two little girls who were targeted by their schools for wearing their hair in natural styles, the event, which took place last week, aimed to collect black dolls, make their hair curly and donated them to a community-based organization in New York City that serves low-income and disadvantaged girls of color.

“It’s hard to believe young girls like Tiana Parker and Vanessa VanDyke are being sent home from school because their natural hair is deemed unkempt,” Tracey Coleman, co-founder and director of events at Curly Girl Collective, said in a press release.

“After these controversies unfolded, we were committed to addressing this topic in our community. By partnering with Girls Inc. of New York City, we’re able to expand our reach, rally our followers and influencers in the natural hair space to give back and create an experience that inspires young, impressionable girls of color.”

As promised the intimate gathering brought together a number of bloggers, tastemakers, community leaders and fashion-forward natural-haired women and collected approximately 100 dolls.

We love it! And if you're looking to give the gift of a natural-haired doll to a little girl or boy this holiday season, Curly Girl Collective has pull together a cute pictorial for an easy transformation.
curly girl collective

And here are some photos from the "All Dolled Up" event...



Curly Girl Collective "All Dolled Up" Event