Parents Peeved Their Kids' Hatchimals Are Cursing Up A Storm

One parent says, "I'm pretty sure it says 'f**k me.'"

The Christmas season’s hottest toy may also have the foulest mouth.

As you may have heard, Hatchimals, a Furby-like toy featuring bird-like creatures that hatch from eggs, were the rage with kids. 

Now parents are the ones flying into a rage.

Nick Galego, a father in Vancouver, British Columbia, is certain the Hatchimal he bought for his 6-year-old son has a potty mouth.

“I’m pretty sure it says ‘fuck me,’” Galego told CTV Vancouver Island. 

Others aren’t so sure. Galego posted a video of his cursing Hatchimal on YouTube, and to our ears it sounds like it is either saying, “Hug me,” or simply sighing.

However, Galego isn’t the only one. 

Patricia Crispell of National Park, New Jersey, also is convinced the Hatchimal she bought for her 9-year-old daughter says “fuck me,” according to NBC Philadelphia. 

“I just turned it off and told her just turn it off and lay there with it and we’ll take care of it from there,” Crispell told the girl, according to the station.

On Tuesday, Crispell called Toronto-based Spin Master, the company that makes Hatchimals, but was disconnected after two hours on the phone.

She said no one has contacted her yet.

Spin Master spokeswoman Tara Tucker told CTV Vancouver that Hatchimals speak their own language made up of random sounds.

The station sent Tucker a link to Galego’s video. She insisted she heard nothing untoward from the Hatchimal.

“We can assure you that the Hatchimal is not saying anything inappropriate. The one in the video appears to be sleeping.”

But other people apparently are also hearing their Hatchimals say inappropriate things.

Hatchimals have been disappointing consumers in other ways besides their pronunciations. Some reported their dolls didn’t hatch or died shortly after hatching, according to Mashable.

The outcry was so large on Christmas that Spin Master had to post a trouble-shooting guide on Facebook to try to address complaints.

The guide, seen below, did not offer advice on dealing with Hatchimals who curse like sailors.

Of course, one person’s smut is another person’s poetry. BuzzFeed reports some folks are purposely teaching their Hatchimals to talk dirty.

The video below is definitely NSFW.



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