Curt Schilling Is Heading Back To ESPN, Still Posting Anti-Muslim Filth

Some things never change, like Schilling's political views.

And now, a brief history of Curt Schilling's last month or so.

1. Aug. 25 - ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling publishes and then deletes this tweet:

2. Aug. 25, a short while later - ESPN suspends Curt Schilling from Little League World Series coverage.

3. Aug. 25, a little bit after that -  Curt Schilling publishes the below tweet. It is not deleted.

4. Sept. 3 - ESPN announces Curt Schilling has been suspended for the remainder of the MLB regular season and the Wild Card playoff game.

5. Sept. 24 and 27 - Curt Schilling shares these images on Facebook:

6. Sept. 27 - Curt Schilling announces he will be back to work at ESPN as a studio analyst during the MLB postseason. ESPN confirms the news. 

7. Sept. 28 - Deadspin asks ESPN if they have any thoughts on Curt Schilling’s Facebook page posts. “Nope,” the network replies.

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