Curt Schilling Vows To Explore All 'Legal Options' Against Daughter's Twitter Trolls

Never mess with dad.

It's not over for Curt Schilling and his pursuit to take down his daughter's Twitter trolls.

The former MLB pitcher, who outed a pair of men who sent vulgar and offensive tweets to his daughter Gabby, said Wednesday that he plans "to pursue all legal options."

Schilling took the tweeters to task in recent blog post, in which he detailed the names and occupation of the men, leading to their subsequent firings and suspensions from jobs and academic institutions. However, for Schilling, the blog post and subsequent media storm is only the beginning.

"There is going to be -- potentially -- legal implications with a couple of these. They were that bad," Schilling said in an interview with "CBS This Morning." "I plan to pursue all legal options. Let's just say that."

"This will follow them the rest of their lives," said Schilling. "And for some of these guys, I'll make sure it does."

Schilling explained in his post that after he congratulated his daughter's decision to attend and play softball at Salve Regina University, lewd and explicit tweets "with the word[s] rape, bloody underwear and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom began to follow."