This Lady, Like, Really REALLY Loves Curtains

Quality Curtain Outlet could not have paid for a better spokesperson than this patron who is seriously into their curtains -- big time. She had been living in Coventry, Rhode Island for seven months before realizing the pure majesty of a store that existed right around the corner from her.

"When I found this place and I came in, I can't tell you what I did (sigh), I had to... do the whole house. I had to. I mean something like this... and the other ones I bought were so unbelievably beautiful -- you could never find these curtains anywhere... You can't go anywhere for curtains, EXCEPT this place."

I guess it's time for all of us to take a trip back in time to the Quality Curtain Outlet store because guess what, all those curtains ARE ON CLEARANCE. Oh ya, and they will totally brighten up your entire house and go great with any season.

We wonder if this woman has an eHarmony profile somewhere on the interwebs, with the tagline "looking for the perfect curtain."



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