Custom Coffee Stencils Get Your Message Across

Custom stencils have changed your morning cup of joe forever.

If you've got something important to say, it's often a good idea to do it over a cup of coffee. People are at ease when sitting with a warm cup of joe in their hands. But if you really want to get your message across -- in the most impactful way --you may want to consider doing it on a cup of coffee. With custom coffee stencils, you can make your words as powerful as the strongest jolt of caffeine.

You can order your personalized message from Custom Coffee Stencils for $29.99. So next time you have something of importance to get off your chest, and you just don't know how to spit it out, consider coffee. Wedding proposals, new baby, anything. While it might not be the most tactful way to break the news, it sure will be memorable.

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